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 Published:   Saturday, Dec 1st

 VCity Blog:   Lexo

Lexo Buys Some Yogurt
  with sexy Lexo

Stopped at some mini market, bought a few things and some yogurt to drink...
If yogurt is your thing, please leave a comment and/or check VoyeurCloud Links in the Special Pages.

Lexo, the girl you want to see up your street!

picture #1

Will: Always a pleasure to see the uncomparable Lexo!

picture #2

Will: Is she rushing out or did she just decided to see Lexo up close?

picture #3

Will: What are you looking for? Because I know where I'm looking at.

picture #4

Lexo: They call those "kitchen utensils"??
Will: I guess they do, but I'm sure you have other things in mind.

picture #5

Lexo: Hi! Inside this chest there is a yogurt bottle...
Will: What are you planning to do with that? hahaha, the face of the girl in front of the line says she's secretly envious of how perfect and daring Lexo is.

picture #6

Lexo: Rule : always drop your skirt before drinking yogurt
Will: Of course, no skirt means a better view.

picture #7

picture #8

picture #9

Lexo: Fortunately it started raining...
Will: I'm not really a feet lover, but yours really could use a good licking right now.

picture #10

Lexo: ... and the rain would wash it all away!
Will: Thank you for the amazing contri, Lexo. Make sure to comment her contri, VCers, she might come back sooner than expected if you do.

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 pv | VCE* Naked Lunch And Shopping Overview Milf | pv 

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