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 Published:   Monday, Nov 4th

 VCity Blog:   Madame M.

VCE* Sex In The Woods
  with sexy wife Madame M.

Erotic picknick with my lover and hubby in the woods.

picture #1

Madame M.: Romantic hidden place in the woods

picture #2

Madame M.: I love erotic picknicks. Champain. Some fruits. An excellent lover eating me and hubby pictures and fucking me in a DP.

picture #3

Madame M.: I love Him!!

picture #4

Madame M.: Premiere. The very first time for Him,bareback inside me.

picture #5

Madame M.: I want more,more,more

picture #6

Madame M.: An Invitation to hubby,but we have no pics,because the photographer is buisy now.

picture #7

Madame M.: Now he wants me backdoor! I love it soo much!

picture #8

Madame M.: Now he wants me like a man wants his woman! And I only want to a woman!!

picture #9

Madame M.: I´m cumming.....a lot of times during this pickfick!

picture #10

Madame M.: 2 men, 5 times cumming inside me. Best time for a woman!

This amateur lifestyle photo series is a show case of Madame M.'s Personal Blog on VCity.
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Last comments for this submission:
Celtic Tiger    Friday, 3rd January 00:17
Mmm, very sexy Madame M, I can only guess how got in bed you are. You seem to have a huge appetite for sex - what's your favourite position?

Madame M.    Friday, 3rd January 06:22
It depends! The situation,the man......... M.

adrian l.    Monday, 2nd December 17:44
Oh poor me ... I had lost this fantastic your contris! But only now I see it.. I love the pure sex that explodes from the body of Madame M! Bravi!

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 pv | Hot Overview Nudist Beach (1) | pv 
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My Blackboy
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