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Watching Her

by Ericottero with Sel

She wants to try some poses before going to a professional photograph....

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 Published:   Sunday, Nov 12th

 VCity Blog:   Ericottero

Picture #1

amateur sex & lifestyle, Ericottero,Sel

Picture #2

amateur sex & lifestyle, Ericottero,Sel

Ericottero: Preparing for the rest....

Picture #3

amateur sex & lifestyle, Ericottero,Sel

Ericottero: I do not want to discuss with her

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Pierced Tongue & Cock 4 U    Monday, 13th November 13:37
Would love to use my pierced tongue on your nipples clit and cunt until you're begging me to make you cum before fucking you doggy style with my long thick pierced cock while spanking your firm ass until we cum then have you lick and suck our cum juices off my cock

Redtoy    Monday, 13th November 11:35
Very sexy !

raven    Monday, 13th November 01:27
Them nipple clamps are sexy as hell !! thanks

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