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Ok guys and girls :) I’m starting a new contest very very early ;) We will be doing/videoing a “blowbang” which will probably turn into a regular “gang bang”. Oh I’m a little scared just saying that ;). It will be in Aruba in February the week of the 12th. There will be some rules and protocol but the winners will be receiving airfare and some special attention:). This doesn’t mean if you’re not one of the winners you aren’t invited-yikes can be “Cum one cum all!!”

Couples are welcome :)

We will need an up to date std some other rules to follow ;)

This video participates at VCity's 'BJ Queen 2017 Video' Contest
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Thepleasingobsessiom's Amateur Video: Blowjob, hotwife, blonde, cumshot, cum in mouth, amateur video

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 Published:  13th November

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The latest comments for this video:
Beth & Will   Thursday, 23rd November 17:23
I still can’t believe how beautiful you are. Most faces get distorted during blow jobs. Yours belongs on a fashion magazine.

Thepleasingobsessiom   Sunday, 26th November 17:39
My man and 1 i Of the guys we play with think I’m a natural ;)

Beth   Sunday, 26th November 17:57
We are really curious. How many guys have you played with in front of your man? Do you ever see any again or is it one and done? We see the same three couples. It’s calmer that way for us, but every couple is different, huh?,

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