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VCE* Photos Taken For Hubby On His Birthday

with sexy K

I was stationed at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs and I was going to go home for my husbands birthday so I decided to go to a professional studio and have some pictures done just for him. For those of you who are or have been in the military (army) you may recognize the place for the rest of you it's called Valley of the Gods. I was a little nervous at first, we went early in the morning to avoid crowds but for some reason a lot of people came that morning to go hiking, so there were quite a few of them watching as we took the pictures. I got use to it after a bit and it was actually fun having them watch as we took pictures, I know that most, if not all, of the pictures we took only show my tits so I'll throw in a few with my pussy in full view as a bonus, enjoy :-)

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 Published:   Saturday, Apr 7th

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Picture #1

erotic amateur art, K,K

K: Tits in full view

Picture #2

erotic amateur art, K,K

K: Getting mooned

Picture #3

erotic amateur art, K,K

K: On the rocks

Picture #4

erotic amateur art, K,K

K: One tit out

Picture #5

erotic amateur art, K,K

K: Both tits out

Picture #6

erotic amateur art, K,K

K: Here, let me open this for you

Picture #7

erotic amateur art, K,K

K: Close enough for you?

Picture #8

erotic amateur art, K,K

K: Giving the girls a little sun

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Last comments for this submission:

steve1    Sunday, 27th May 15:10
prefer the professional ones on the rocks to the close up ones an extremely beautiful and desirable woman thank you

kodakuk1    Monday, 9th April 20:19
I certainly saw the valley of a Goddess and that was enough for me Ms K. Thanks for the sexy shares.

ol dog    Monday, 9th April 05:43
......Garden of the Gods- and Goddesses! Beautiful shots, babe !!

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