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VCE* Seeking Contributors For "Meat Lovers Delight Iii"

by RobVoy with sexy friend Joy

Hope you watched my most recent VC montage video, "Meat Lovers Delight II". If not please do! I'm posting these vintage pics of my honey to encourage your participation in the upcoming, VC-exclusive "Meat Lovers Delight III", hopefully for late summer 2018. MLD II took about 4 months to organize, getting permissions, and splicing together fantastically erotic clips by VC contributors like you. Masterbation vids, male and/or female, are VERY POPULAR and I'd love to include them. Of course, oral sex and close up fucking, too! Don't forget to lose your load! Close up cum shots, pussy juices and squirts are treasures! Ladies, ass-spreading is another treasured art in these montages. If interested please send me a VC message. Love you guys! Rob

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 Published:   Friday, May 25th


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 Mas De Emma De Panama
Fun With The Boys 

 Mas De Emma De Panama

Fun With The Boys 


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