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So I had a go a nipple tassel twirling again.This time to music, which I think helped.It seemed to work better this time.Tell me what you think!!!

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 Rating:   116 
 Published:  2nd May

 VCity Blog:   hotnudewife1961

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The latest comments for this video:
H&Magain   Monday, 7th May 10:27
Oh wow!!! I just love your videos.And I love the way you have set this to music.It just shows what thought you put in to what you do.And those tassels certainly do twirl.You were right, practice makes perfect.And I love how your firm and perky tits jiggle about.I would do anything to see them jiggling about in the flesh.You should do a close up video of your tits without the tassels ,so I could see you playing with those oh so suckable nipples of yours.I just love this video.Seeing you moving is so sexy.Love M.xx

hotnudewife1961   Monday, 7th May 21:06
Well Thank you M.. I'm not the worlds greatest tassel twirler. But I gave it my best shot... So pleased you like it. You might be seeing me play with my boobs quicker then you thought... I will say no more. love H XX :)

alfons   Friday, 4th May 02:30
Awesome movement sweet lady, just awesome...wish I had a slo-mo function to get a better appreciation of what I have just seen.

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