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Le Sucette - she always gets the fuzzy end of the lollipop. (the classical version for a classy babe) I'll post a version with the actual recording later, Enjoy this for now.

*Recorded In 1966 Les Sucettes was a risque song, on the surface, a yé-yé-style song about a girl named Annie who likes aniseed-flavoured lollipops; much of the lyrical content plays up the homonyms of "Annie" and "anis" (aniseed). But Serge Gainsbourg's lyric also contains playful double meanings referring to oral sex, such as a line about barley sugar running down Annie's throat. The very noun for lollypop in French, "sucette", is the substantivised verb "sucer", sucking – so that the title and the refrain (Annie aime les sucettes) are far more evocative in French than in the English translation. The song also features a direct double entendre, stating that Annie has lollipops "pour quelques pennies" (for a few pennies), which can also be heard as "pour quelques pénis" (for a few penises).

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vercingetorix's Amateur Video: Blowjob, Getting The fuzzy end of the lollipop, Going Down

 Rating:   120 
 Published:  6th May

 VCity Blog:   vercingetorix

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The latest comments for this video:
Suckmedry   Wednesday, 9th May 03:58
Wow!! Hot!!

RobVoy   Monday, 7th May 20:53
Well done! If you can, check out my most recent VC post---- a montage video titled, "Meat Lovers Delight II". MLD III will be a VC exclusive, probably late summer. In interested in having a part in MLD III? Oh, great musical choice! You might enjoy my musical selections in MLD II---

Robbie   Monday, 7th May 18:41
That was on Hell of a BJ !!!!!!!

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