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Here's a video from when I was about 31, I was a thinner back then, not as big of tits, getting old sucks, other than the tits get bigger, and a brunette, natural hair color, we'd gotten our first camera so we were excited to try it out so we got someone to watch the kids and went to a hotel, hubby set the camera up and we made this vid, fucking in various positions and in the end hubby stands me up, shoves his cock deep me and cums in my pussy, the end :-)

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 Published:  6th July

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The latest comments for this video:
ol dog   Sunday, 22nd July 03:56
Loved seeing some of your early work (and stroking to it!!) ! -- ...but gotta say you're even hotter today ! Only complaint- that darn VCR time/date stamp covered your sweet young ass in some scenes !!

K   Sunday, 22nd July 06:36
I know, we were still learning how to run the camera and didn't realize that the date, time stamp was on, glad you still liked it :-)

eyefull   Friday, 20th July 02:55
That was hot. You looked great at 31. BUT, I like you better now. I love to see a sexy mature woman. I am 35 now and you are far hotter to me than those my age. I watch or look at you over and over several times and imagine you knowing I'm watching. I cum so hot wanting you, to be there at that moment. Don't give getting older a thought. You will always be a sexy goddess!

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