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Here's a video from a while ago, hubby and I playing with my pussy, you get to be really intimate with me as we open my pussy up for you, I hope you enjoy it, we did :-)

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 Published:  4th March

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The latest comments for this video:
Dick_Long   Saturday, 16th March 01:15
K! I so enjoyed watching your man slide his two fingers in your cunt!! One question!! Did he ever fist fuck your cumt?? Also I LOOOVE watching you paly with your beautiful titsi!! I so wish I could play with your tits and nipples beautiful!!

K   Wednesday, 20th March 14:03
Thank you, he did try fisting me once while we were camping, I posted a couple of pics of him attempting it, he wasn't quite able get it in all the way but he gave it a good try, I'm glad you like my tits so much :-)

Dick_Long   Monday, 25th March 19:46
Inquireing minds like to know!! How was the experience of yours when you were being fist fucked?? Did it feel good? Did it hurt good or did it hurt bad??!!

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