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VoyeurClouds and VCity: How To

VC (VoyeurClouds and VCity)
is an adult lifestyle community

VC has three user levels:

  • Unregistered Guests (Unregs)
  • Free Registered (VCitizens)
  • Paying Members (VResidents)

How to submit Photos and Videos to VC?

In order to post photos or videos, you need to

1: Have a free VCity VCitizen account or a VResident account.

2: Log into VoyeurClouds or VCity under your registered nickname.

3: Access your personal "lounge" from the top menu.

4: Now simply select whether you would like to upload an instant photo or video post to VCity or a showcase photo album (contri) to Voyeurclouds.

Money awards and conditions are explained in detail on the VC Charter Page.

How to navigate through VCity

Navigation for VCity Viewers:

    Your first steps (mouseclicks) on VCity

    In order to navigate through VCity photos or videos, you need to

    1: Have a free VCity VCitizen account or a VResident account.

    2: Log into VCity under your registered nickname.

    3: Start surfing under your preferred super-catageries from the VCity menu, like "LifeStyle", "Amateur Art", "Fetish" or "Voyeur"

    4: Whenever you come across a post, which you like, hit "like"!

    5: Whenever you come across a poster, who you like to see more from, hit his/her name under the posting and you will be transferred to his/her VCity homepage

    6: Hit "follow" on her/his homepage!

    7: Continue with step 3:

    8: Or: If you come across a photo or video tag (the little tags under each post), which you like, click the tag to see all posts which have something to do with that tag, like for example "bikini" or "pussy" or "sex".

    9: Continue to "like post" and to "follow posters".

    10: When done, have a look at your personal wall by selecting "me" from the menu. This will get you to your personal wall under! Nobody else can see your wall. And your wall features all posts and contris from the people you are following and will update every few seconds like magic to feature all future posts of the people you follow!

    Your next steps (mouseclicks) on VCity

    Now that you learned how to do some basic navigation through VCity you should simple click on whatever symbol or icon you see to further explore Vcity, like for example:

    1: Hit "Comment" under a post and leave your feedback! If somebody replies to your feedback, you can see that easily showing up on the upper left side of your screen wherever you are. The numbers displayed are the number of pending messages for you. Play with everything you see on your screen and explore what happens.

    2: Visit guestbooks. Every VCitizen has a guestbook!

    3: If you like our adult community, consider to upgrade your status to a VResident. VResidents can see all the posts, enjoy the highest resolution available, faster servers, personal private communication, personal file exchance, access to video chat and more. You can instantly upgrade your status from VCitizen to VResident in your personal lounge.

How To for active posters:

    Your first steps (mouseclicks) on VCity

    In order to post your photos and videos on VCity, you need to

    1: Have a free VCity VCitizen account or a VResident account.

    2: Log into VCity under your registered nickname.

    3: Access your personal lounge and add your profile photo and some basic information about yourself under your "Settings"

    4: Go to your personal wall (menu:"me : my wall") and start uploading photos or videos. Do not forget to properly tag your posts and to select the proper "erotic super-category", like "LifeStyle" or "Fetish"!

    5: If you would like to see what OTHERS see when accessing your pages, click on your own name under your post. This will get you to your own page. Now select "Photo Blog" to see your own wall as others see you on VCity!
    6: You can remove any of your posts anytime by hovering over your post on your wall until you see the "delete" button. The post and all related comments are being deleted instantly from the system.

    More details for active postes

    After your first steps, you should simply explore VCity by clicking all icons, buttons and erotic sex tags!

    About your VCity reputation points: Whenever you are active on VCity by posting yourself or by commenting, following and liking others, your reputation grows. Whenever other VCity people follow or like you, your reputation grows. By the time being, older points are being removed. This means, your reputation reflects your activities of the past recent weeks!

    About your VoyeurClouds Showcase Contris: VoyeurClouds is reserved for showcases of active VCity posters. Although your contri might show up on VoyeurClouds and be ranked, it will not be entitled to win any awards, if your VCity wall is empty or outdated! Become a VResident: Active posters should consider to upgrade to VResident, which gives access to many more exciting features on VCity.

Important Notice about the display of your posts:

Any post submitted to VCity and tagged with the viewing options "For all to see" or "Limited to VCitizens" might appear in public on VoyeurClouds and might be grabbed by search engines like yahoo and google and display as a public search result. Furthermote VC reserves the right to display any photo with those viewing options on "Igor' Hall of fame" as well as Voyeurclouds Sex Wiki website. VCity is not able and neither responsible to restrict public viewing of your posts or to remove any related search result from any public search engine. In order to exclude the public from viewing your photos and to exclude search engines from grabbing and displaying your posts, you need to tag your posting with "for VResidents only". This option is only available for VResidents!!