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Igor's Interviews

Igor's legendary Interviews are back! Igor sits down face to face with the most impressing VoyeurCloud "celebrities" trying to find out much more than you can see on the ladies' submissions. We hope you enjoy the views behind the scenes and of course the sometimes humorous situations that Igor drives himself into in order to give you a full picture of the VoyeurCloud "babes"!

Igor interviews Vienna


Igor met Vienna: Can you imagine how it feel to stroll with Vienna through the streets and parks in Vienna? Well...Igor now knows how it feels! And he got more than nervous.
Read the interview....

VC Igor met Vienna
¬ To Vienna's VCity Blog       ¬ Feedback to Vienna's Interview        ¬ Vienna in Igor's HoF        ¬ Vienna in Igor's Explicit HoF
Igor's Interview Gattina Gattina

Gattina is definitely one of Igor’s favorite amateur celebrities in great erotic photo work, and she is a paragon of beauty.  She has more than 100 entries in his Hall of Fame and she has thousands of fans from all around the globe. So it was about time for Igor to visit Gattina in person and ask a bevy of burning questions…

Igor interviews Gattina
¬ To Gattina's VCity Blog        ¬ Feedback to Gattina's Interview        ¬ Gattina in Igor's HoF        ¬ Gattina in Igor's Explicit HoF



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